We invite you to take advantage of our database concerning the works dedicated to the subject of the Righteous (including both those aimed at researchers and at the casual reader), the available memoirs and reports as well as press articles pertaining to the relations between Poles and Jews during World War II, the attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust and to the activities of the Righteous Among Nations. 

  • Korboński Stefan, Polacy, Żydzi i holokaust, Warszawa1999
  • Kunert Andrzej Krzysztof, Władysław Bartoszewski. Życie i twórczość, Warszawa1999

    A biography of one of the chief activists of the Council to Aid Jews.

  • Kunert Andrzej Krzysztof, „Żegota” Rada Pomocy Żydom, Warszawa2002

    The book contains a very long interview with Władysław Bartoszewski, biographies of the “Żegota” activists, as well as selected reference documents concerning the ghetto and the aid provided to Jews by the organizations of the Polish Underground State, Council to Aid Jews and the Polish Government-in-exile.

  • Kurek Ewa, Dzieci żydowskie w klasztorach. Udział żeńskich zgromadzeń zakonnych w akcji ratowania dzieci żydowskich w Polsce 1939-1945, Lublin2001

    A monograph on the phenomenon of keeping Jewish children hidden in convents; attached to the monograph are accounts and letters, as well as a list of the religious congregations and convents where children were hidden.

  • Kuwałek Robert, Litwin Weronika, Zamość. Szlak Chasydzki, Warszawa2008
  • Kuwałek Robert, Litwin Weronika, Izbica. Opowieść o miejscu, Warszawa
  • Leociak Jacek, Ratowanie. Opowieści Polaków i Żydów, Warszawa2010

    A work richly illustrated with photographs which analyzes selected testimony of Survivors of the Holocaust. The author presents them according to the type of motivation that drove the Righteous, and then performs a thorough characterization of the narration of Poles from intellectual circles, who rescued Jews. A significant part of the publication includes the accounts of the Survivors.

  • Lewandowska Stanisława, Kryptonim „Legalizacja” 1939-1945, Warszawa1984

    About issuing fake identity cards during the Nazi occupation to people threatened with reprisals, among others to Jews.

  • Libionka Dariusz red., Akcja Reinhardt. Zagłada Żydów w Generalnym Gubernatorstwie, Warszawa2004

    Libionka Dariusz, Polish-Christian Population and the Extermination of Jews – the Lublin District. An article presented at the conference of the Institute of National Remembrance, concerning the issue of Polish attitudes toward Jews. It touches upon, for example, such problems as the aid granted by Poles to Jews, the atmosphere among the rescuers, as well as the activity of the Lublin-Zamość Committee to Aid Jews in Warsaw.

  • Łubczyk Grzegorz, Polski Wallenberg. Rzecz o Henryku Sławiku, Warszawa2003

    During World War II, in Hungary, Henryk Sławik, "a Polish Wallenberg", saved from the Holocaust over five thousand Polish Jews. Having at his disposal documents, eyewitnesses’ accounts and memories, and a rich collection of photographs, the author of the book shows the readers the person and deeds of this Righteous.