We invite you to take advantage of our database concerning the works dedicated to the subject of the Righteous (including both those aimed at researchers and at the casual reader), the available memoirs and reports as well as press articles pertaining to the relations between Poles and Jews during World War II, the attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust and to the activities of the Righteous Among Nations. 

  • Tec Nechama, Jewish Children: Between Protectors and Murderers, Washington D.C.2005
  • Tec Nechama, When the Light Pierced the Darkness. Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland, New York-Oxford 1986

    An analysis of the motives and ways of rescuing Jews by Poles.

  • Tomaszewski Irene, Werbowski Tecia, Zegota: The Rescue of Jews in Wartime Poland, Montreal1994

    The history of the Council to Aid Jews and the profiles of its activists.

  • Tonini Carla, Czas nienawiści i czas troski. Zofia Kossak-Szczucka – antysemitka, która ratowała Żydów, Warszawa2007

    A biography of Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, the initiator of the idea of establishing the Temporary Committee to Aid Jews in Warsaw, the organization assisting ghetto runaways.

  • Tucholski Jędrzej, Cichociemni, Wrocław2010