We invite you to take advantage of our database concerning the works dedicated to the subject of the Righteous (including both those aimed at researchers and at the casual reader), the available memoirs and reports as well as press articles pertaining to the relations between Poles and Jews during World War II, the attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust and to the activities of the Righteous Among Nations. 

  • Rączy Elżbieta, Sprawiedliwi wśród Narodów Świata: pomoc Polaków dla ludności żydowskiej w Małopolsce w latach 1939-1945, Kraków-Rzeszów 2008

    Text from the exhibition leaflet written in Polish, English and Hebrew supplemented with 31 archival and contemporary photographs. The last chapter of the publication is devoted to the tragedy of the Ulma family from Markowa.

  • Rączy Elżbieta, Pomoc Polaków dla ludności żydowskiej na Rzeszowszczyźnie 1939-1945, Rzeszów2008

    The publication contains a monograph outline of the issue of Poles rescuing Jews in the Rzeszów Region and a collection of the accounts of Poles (testimonies before the Main Committee for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes in Poland) and Jews (from the Jewish Historical Institute and Yad Vashem Archives); the annex includes a list of the Rzeszów Region’s residents awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medals and a list of the Polish rescuers who were not awarded; the names of the repressed and murdered rescuers have been marked.

  • Rączy Elżbieta, Witowicz Igor oprac., Sprawiedliwi wśród Narodów Świata. Pomoc Polaków dla ludności żydowskiej na Rzeszowszczyźnie w latach 1939-1945, Rzeszów2004
  • Rudzka Maria, Zdążyć przed zachodem słońca, czyli wędrówka po Izbicy i okolicy, przewodnik., Izbica2003
  • Rutkowski Adam, Pomoc Żydom w Polsce, Warszawa1963
  • Rydel Zofia, Z Rydzem Śmigłym i Barbarą Radziwiłłówną w tle, Będzin2006