We invite you to take advantage of our database concerning the works dedicated to the subject of the Righteous (including both those aimed at researchers and at the casual reader), the available memoirs and reports as well as press articles pertaining to the relations between Poles and Jews during World War II, the attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust and to the activities of the Righteous Among Nations. 

  • Datner Szymon, Las Sprawiedliwych. Karta z dziejów ratownictwa Żydów w okupowanej Polsce, Warszawa 1968

    "The purpose of this publication: to illustrate the attitude of the Polish nation towards the tragedy of the decimated Jewish people" - the author wrote in the introduction. He presented, among other things, the themes and possibilities of saving Jews and human attitudes in the face of the Holocaust. At the end there is a list of names of Poles murdered for rescuing Jews.

  • Dunin-Wąsowicz Krzysztof red., Społeczeństwo polskie wobec martyrologii i walki Żydów w latach II wojny światowej, Warszawa1996

    Conference papers concerning the rescue of Jews by various political parties of the Polish Underground.

  • Eliyahu Jones, Żydzi Lwowa w okresie okupacji 1939-1945, Łódź1999

    The book is about the Lviv ghetto and the Janów camp. However, in the chapter entitled “Ci, którzy oddali duszę swoją ratując Żydów” (“Those who devoted their souls to save Jews”), the author compiles and describes all the cases of rescuing Jews by Poles and Ukrainians in Lviv and the surrounding region. Another chapter focuses on the activity of the Lviv branch of the Council to Aid Jews.

  • Engelking Barbara, Leociak Jacek, Żydzi w powstańczej Warszawie, Warszawa2009

    The authors collected all the archival material dispersed in Poland and Israel on the participation of Jews in the Warsaw Uprising. They found a number of previously unknown accounts and gathered most of the known literature. They carefully reconstructed the facts and verified the accounts and testimony.

  • Engelking Barbara, Leociak Jacek, Getto warszawskie. Przewodnik po nieistniejącym mieście, Warszawa2001

    The publication carefully reconstructs the non-existent Jewish quarter in Warsaw. The authors put emphasis on the description of everyday life of the ghetto.

  • Engelking Barbara, Leociak Jacek, Libionka Dariusz i in., Zagłada Żydów Studia i Materiały, nr 4, Warszawa2008

    Libionka Dariusz, Polish Works on the Organized and Individual Help Offered to Jews, 1945-2008

  • Engelking Barbara, Leociak Jacek, Libionka Dariusz red., Prowincja noc. Życie i zagłada Żydów w dystrykcie warszawskim, Warszawa2007

    Melchior Małgorzata, Ghetto Runaways on the “Aryan side” in the Warsaw District Province – the Ways of Survival. An overview of different ways employed by Jews to survive on the “Aryan side” in the province; discusses such problems as saving Jews by Poles.

  • Frącek Teresa RM, Zgromadzenie sióstr franciszkanek Rodziny Marii w latach 1939-1945, Warsaw 1981

    The story of Franciscan nuns during the occupation, concerning such facts as saving Jewish children in convents

  • Friedman Philip, Their Brothers’ Keepers. The Christian Heroes and Heroines who Helped the Oppressed Escape the Nazi Terror, New York 1957
  • Gajowniczek Jolanta, Pomoc udzielana Żydom przez Polaków w okresie okupacji hitlerowskiej: materiały do bibliografii: piśmiennictwo polskie, Warszawa 1983

    Publication of the Main Committee for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes in Poland, a 30-page brochure with a bibliography