The Polish Righteous in 2019

Redakcja / Editorial staff / English translation: Andrew Rajcher, 28th December 2019
In 2019, more Poles, who aided Jews during the Holocaust, were honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations. During ceremonies in Poland, the new Righteous and/or their descendants were presented with their medals and certificates from the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem. Numerous Holocaust Survivors also took part in the ceremonies. See the listing below and read their stories which we have published on this website over the past twelve months.

“What can I say to thank people for such a sacrifice and for the risk they took? My father and his family owe them their lives, as do I, my brother, my cousins, my children, my brother’s children and my cousins’ children. The words ’Thank You’ are inadequate to express the gratitude which we all owe them. […] Today, I know that the world needs more people like Mikołaj and Katarzyna Pernat”.

– Jack Salzman, son of a Holocaust Survivor, during a RIghteous ceremony in Kraków, on 28th June 2019.

We are constantly adding, to our website, stories of Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust in occupied Poland. In 2019, we added more content prepared by Holocaust researchers, supplemented with archival material and contemporary photographs donated to POLIN Museum collection by the Righteous and by Survivors. We have also included oral history interviews, with witnesses to history, conducted in Poland and in Israel. Below, we present a summary listing of the past year.

Twelve Months of Polish Righteous – Read some selected stories

We have selected twelve of the most interest stories published on the Polish Righteous Portal during 2019:

  1. January: 90th birthday of Janina Goldhar – Holocaust Suvivor and POLIN Museum volunteer
  2. February: 90th birthday of Anna Bando – President of the Polish Association of the Righteous Among the Nations
  3. March: Righteous Gala event at POLIN Museum
  4. April: Additional wok on the stories of Andrzej and Czesław Miłosz of Vilna and Warsaw
  5. May: The story of the Witkowski family of Milanówek
  6. June: An interview with Stefan Galas about hiding Jews in Strzeniówka near Nadarzyn
  7. July: The story of Stanisław Jasik of Warsaw
  8. August: A meeting of Jakub Berkman, a Holocaust Survivor, with the descendants of whom he saved in Suchedniów
  9. September: The exhibition “Between Life and Death” on display in Bucharest
  10. October: The story of the Janc family of Warszaw
  11. November: 100th birthday of Józef Walaszczyk – the oldest Pole honoured with the title of Righteous
  12. December: Fifteen new stories of the RIghteous and Holocaust Survivors from POLIN Museum’s oral history collection

2019 Righteous Ceremonies

Over the past twelve months, more ceremonies were held, during which twenty-seven Polish men and twenty Polish women were honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations – the highetst civil decoration awarded by the State of Israel.

Among them, fifteen helped Jews in, what is today, the Mazowiecki Province, eight in the Podkarpacki Province, five in the Małopolski Province, two in the Lubelski Province, two in the Łódzki Province, two in the Podlaski Province, one in the Śląsk Province, six in Ukraine (five in the Ternopil Oblast, one in Lviv), four in Belarus (Novgorof region) and two in Lithuania (Vilnius district). According to available source materials, around fifty-nine Jews were extended help, however their exact number is difficult to determine.

See reports about ceremonies honouring the RIghteous:

The 2019 Polish Righteous

Read the stories of the Righteous Among the Nations:

  1. Franciszek Blaszko
  2. Regina Blaszko
  3. Stanisław Borowski
  4. Helena Borowska
  5. Krystyna Bryk
  6. Józef Budyński
  7. Anna Budyńska
  8. Jan Burbutowski
  9. Maria Burbutowska
  10. Irena Dźwigaj
  11. Stanisław Ferenc
  12. Tekla Ferenc
  13. Kazimierz Gałecki
  14. Anna Gałecka
  15. Maria Gelles
  16. Karol Gialbas
  17. Friedrich Heckermann
  18. Danuta Heckermann
  19. Józef Izdebski
  20. Helena Jacewicz
  21. Czesław Jacewicz 
  22. Ela Jacewicz 
  23. Jadwiga Jacewicz
  24. Anna Kaczorowska
  25. Albina Karłowicz
  26. Władysław Karłowicz
  27. Jakub Krajewski
  28. Janina Krajewska
  29. Antoni Maliszewski
  30. Matylda Maliszewska
  31. Maria Maliszewska
  32. Mikołaj Pernat
  33. Katarzyna Pernat
  34. Tadeusz Pliś
  35. Bronisława Pliś
  36. Aniela Roland
  37. Kazimierz Słupski
  38. Szczepan Marian Stankiewicz
  39. Danuta Szuro
  40. Wincenty Tomaszewicz
  41. Zofia Tomaszewicz
  42. Jan Uliasz
  43. Józefa Uliasz
  44. Władysława Wrażeń
  45. Józef Wysmulski
  46. Zofia Wysmulska
  47. Maria Zborowska

Information about the awarding of the title of Righteous Among the Nations, by the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem, can be found on our website: Yad Vashem Criteria.

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