103 New Polish Righteous in 2018

Mateusz Szczepaniak / English translation: Andrew Rajcher, 1 January 2019
In 2018, more Poles were honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations. These were Poles who, during the Holocaust, extended help to Jews. During ceremonies held in both Poland and Israel, these new Righteous and their descendants accepted medals and certificates presented to them by the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem. Holocaust Survivors also took part in these ceremonies. This summary of 2018 lists the year's ceremonies, presents the names of those honoured with the title of Righteous and tells the stories of these honoured Polish men and women.
“We must fight for tolerance every day. It is a long processs. Education which counteracts racism, xenophobia and antisemitism should be our common path. In this way, we model ourselves on the Righteous Among the Nations”

– Anna Azari, the Israeli Ambassador to Poland.

In 2018, fourteen ceremonies took place, in both Poland and Israel, during which the title of Righteous Among the Nations was presented to one hundred and three Poles. This is the highest civil honour awarded by the State of Israel. Amongst those who were honoured posthumously was Franciszek Grabowicz, whose family was located in 2016 thanks to support from the Historical Information Centre of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, as well as Marian Krycia and Wiktor and Józefa Kotowicz, who received their titles back in 1979, but were unable to be located at that time. With the help of the POLIN Museum, their families learned about the honour thirty nine years later.

Of the 54 Polish women and 49 Polish men, 30 of them helped Jews in what is now the Mazowieckie Province, 22 in the Małopolskie Province, 8 in the Lubelskie Province, 6 in the Śląskie Province, 4 in the Wielkopolskie Province, 3 in the Podkarpackie Province, 2 in the Świętokrzyskie Province and 1 in the Łódzkie Province. 21 live in what is now Ukraine (17 Lviv region, 2 in the Wołyński region and 2 in the Tarnopolski region), as well as 4 within the borders of Belarus (3 in the Brest region and 1 in the Grodno region)*. According to available source material, around one hundred Jews were helped, however the exact number is difficult to determine.

In Jerusalem, Mitch Goldhar, the son of a Holocaust survivor, said: “Today, it is very important to acknowledge and honour these highest deeds of goodwill and human decency which constitute an antidote to racism”.

Where are the Righteous?

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In addition, seven Righteous – Aleksander, Anna, Ignacy, Maksymilian, Jaroszom and Marianna Krasnodębski, as well as Jadwiga and Leon Bukowiński – were granted Honorary Citizenship of the State of Israel. Receiving this honour in Lublin, Mariannna Krasnodębska said, “The are no winners in any war because, for every death, there is a pain which never goes away”.

Below is a summary of the year just passing.

2018 Righteous Ceremonies

Read the reports of these ceremonies honouring the Polish Righteous:

The 2018 Polish Righteous

Read the stories of the Polish men and women honoured with the title of Righteous:

  1. Katarzyna Baran
  2. Jan Benisz 
  3. Anna Borek
  4. Tekla Budnowska
  5. Jan Ciurlik
  6. Wiktoria Ciurlik
  7. Karolina Denkiewicz
  8. Aniela Dembińska
  9. Petronela Drabik
  10. Stanisław Drabik
  11. Aleksander Dziadosz
  12. Jan Dziadosz
  13. Jan Gac
  14. Janina Garbień
  15. Katarzyna Glińska
  16. Józef Goławski
  17. Marcjanna Goławska
  18. Alicja Gołąb
  19. Eugenia Gołąb
  20. Jan Gołąb 
  21. Maria Gołąb
  22. Stanisław Gołąb 
  23. Janina Gołębiowska
  24. Katarzyna Góra
  25. Walerian Góra
  26. Franciszek Grabowicz
  27. Józefa Grzegorek
  28. Kazimiera Jasik
  29. Marta Kielak
  30. Józefa Kotowicz
  31. Wiktor Kotowicz
  32. Rudolf Kosiba
  33. Tadeusz Kosiba
  34. Tekla Kosiba
  35. Władysław Kosiba 
  36. Janina Kosek
  37. Julian Kosek
  38. Helena Krawczuk-Demczuk
  39. Marian Krycia
  40. Anna Kucia
  41. Michał Kucia
  42. Jan Kuś
  43. Magdalena Kuś 
  44. Czesław Lech
  45. Anna Lechki
  46. Ignacy Lechki
  47. Katarzyna Lechki
  48. Ludwika Lechki
  49. Szczepan Lechki
  50. Szymon Lipiński
  51. Zofia Liszka
  52. Marcjanna Łączniak
  53. Wiktor Łysik
  54. Weronika Łysik
  55. Maria Milasiewicz 
  56. Bolesław Paciorek
  57. Czesław Pachurka
  58. Wojciech Pachurka
  59. Sabina Perzyna
  60. Antonina Piechota
  61. Stefan Piechota
  62. Maria Piotrowska
  63. Stanisław Podhaniuk
  64. Marian Połowicz
  65. Stanisław Pszkit
  66. Zofia Pszkit
  67. Jakub Pyzik
  68. Adam Rysiewicz
  69. Maria Sagan
  70. Marian Sagan 
  71. Stanisław Sagan
  72. Helena Sajowska
  73. Mikołaj Sajowski
  74. Aniela Sargowicka
  75. Adolfina Stasiewicz
  76. Franciszka Sętkowska
  77. Jadwiga Stępińska
  78. Marian Stępiński
  79. Maria Strusińska
  80. Antoni Styś
  81. Aleksandra Styś
  82. Helena Styś
  83. Natalia Szczekało
  84. Aleksander Szczekało
  85. Iwan Szczekało
  86. Adam Świąder
  87. Maria Świąder
  88. Antoni Telak
  89. Jan Trzeciak
  90. Janina Trzeciak
  91. Emma Vogel
  92. Jerzy Vogel
  93. Natalia Vogel
  94. Ryszard Vogel 
  95. Janina Wereska
  96. Wawrzyniec Wereski
  97. Leokadia Wojtkowska
  98. Stanisław Wolski
  99. Aleksandra Woroszyłło
  100. Kazimierz Woroszyłło
  101. Stefania Zaborowska
  102. Klara Zroski
  103. Teofil Zroski

Information about the granting, by the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem, of the title of Righteous Among the Nations can be found on our website: Yad Vashem Criteria.

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* In the case of the honouring of Szymon Lipiński, the Yad Vashem Institute did not provide the location where the help was provided.