Student Meetings with Witnesses to History

The concept behind this program is the learning of history through discussion. High school students will meet regularly with witnesses to history at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. This is a unique opportunity for students to connect with a topic which they have studied in textbooks and history classes. For many of them, it is a very important and moving experience which will help them understand the history of Polish Jews. 

Meetings with Witnesses to History

Meetings are organised on every first Monday of the month. Each meeting can involve students from one class, several classes or an entire school. They are conducted in Polish.


Meetings with Members of the Association of "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland

The Association of "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland gathers survivors of the Holocaust who, because being Jewish, were condemned to death by the Germans. For that reason, they were herded together into ghettoes, concentration camps, extermination camps or were forced to hide their identity and who, on the day World War II began, were no older than thirteen years of age or were born during the War. Read more on the Association's website.

Meeings with Members of the Association of Polish Righteous Among the Nations

This is an organisation whose members have been awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations and the descendants of the Righteous. The title is awarded by the State of Israel to non-Jews who, during World War II, selflessly and at the risk of their own lives, rescued Jews from the Holocaust. The aim of this organisation is to broaden knowledge about the occupation, about the Holocaust and about the Righteous themselves, as well as to fight antisemitism and xenophobia. Read more.