Watch films incorporating themes related to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust; our Museum will be happy to provide you with information on both Polish and foreign films on this subject, including both documentaries and feature films. Each item pertaining to a specific film includes a brief description and a plot summary.

  • Żegota: A Time to Remember, Sy Rotter i Andrzej Sikora, USA, Documentary film, 52 min

    A documentary dedicated to the activities of the Council to Aid Jews, the only aid organisation established by a Western government. It shows the diverse backgrounds of the people active in “Żegota” – they included Catholics, socialists, independence fighters and others.

  • Żegota: Council for Aid to Jews in Occupied Poland (1942-45), Sy Rotter, USA, Documentary film, 28 min

    A new version of Sy Rotter’s documentary with additional archival material.

  • Z gorącego serca - Żegota, Zofia Kunert, Telewizja Polska - Agencja Filmowa (dla Redakcji Programów Edukacyjnych Programu 1), Polska, dokument, 30 min.
  • Zwyciężyć śmierć, Halina Szymura, 2008, Poland, Documentary film, 30 min

    This film introduces the figure and achievements of Professor Rudolf Stefan Weigl who, in the 1930’s, founded the Typhus Institute in Lwów. During World War II, he also employed Jews, thereby protecting them from deportation to the camps. In 2003, the Yad Vashem Institute honoured him with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

  • Życie za Życie, Arkadiusz Gołębiewski, Picaresque, Poland, Documentary film, 31 min.

    This documentary tells the stories of Poles who rescued Jews during World War II – they hid, fed and protected them, even though such help could have meant death for their whole family. It was filmed in the Polish cities, towns and villages in which these tragic events took place. Those appearing in the film were witnesses to those events, most often their children and grandchildren. This film was produced by Picaresque, in conjunction with the Institute of National Remembrance and the National Centre of Culture.