Watch films incorporating themes related to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust; our Museum will be happy to provide you with information on both Polish and foreign films on this subject, including both documentaries and feature films. Each item pertaining to a specific film includes a brief description and a plot summary.

  • Henryk Sławik. Polski Wallenberg, Marek Maldis, Grzegorz Łubczyk, Telewizja Polska - Agencja Filmowa (dla Programu 1 i TV Polonia), 2004, Poland, Documentary film, 50 min

    “He had a street, here in Śląsk, named after him”, recalls Sławik’s daughter. Three days later, the local authorities realised that he had not come from their socialist circle of communists. So, they rapidly changed the street’s name to “Zbarska”. He had saved the lives of thousands of people. Just like Raoul Wallenberg, he paid the ultimate price for his courage and dedication. But, in contrast to the Swedish industrialist and diplomat’s mission known around the world, the activities of Henryk Sławik remain little-known, even amongst his own countrymen.

  • Hidden Children, John Walker, Canada, UK, Documentary film, 50 min

    This film tells the story of children hidden during the War and of their resultant identity crisis. It tells of a sixteen-year-old girl who, after the War, married the Pole who had hidden her. She had children and would attend church while, secretly, wishing to meet with her Jewish family. Another girl was raised as an anti-Semite. We also meet Jakub- a Polish priest with Jewish roots, who admits to having a dual identity.

  • Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance After the Holocaust, Menachem Daum, Oren Rudavsky, 2004, USA, dokument