Watch films incorporating themes related to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust; our Museum will be happy to provide you with information on both Polish and foreign films on this subject, including both documentaries and feature films. Each item pertaining to a specific film includes a brief description and a plot summary.

  • Najważniejsze to kochać, Małgorzata Imielska, WirFilm Studio (dla Programu 1 TVP), Cykl "Sprawiedliwi" , Polska, dokumentalny, 21 min.
  • Narodzona po raz drugi, Michał Nekanda-Trepka, 2009, Poland, Documentary film

    In 1939, Maria Kowalska was born in Vilna as Masza Fajnsztejn. Following September 1941, her mother moved her to “the Aryan side” – to a nanny, Mrs Butkiewicz. The nanny gave her a new name and hid her in the village of Niemienczyn. In 1992, the nanny was posthumously honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

  • Nasi sąsiedzi..., Małgorzata Imielska, WirFilm Studio (dla Programu 1 TVP), Cykl "Sprawiedliwi" , Poland, Documentary film, 21 min.

    Artur Król’s family had lived in Nowy Sącz for generations. His nearest neighbours were Jews. Did that matter? No. Their only difference was their faith. When war broke out, the Jewish family was required to move into the ghetto. Terrible hunger, fear and illness became a part of everyday life and they certainly would not have survived had it not been for Artur Król’s parents. It was they who smuggled in food and medicines for them. Being locked inside the ghetto meant only one thing – eventual death in a gas chamber. 

    It was then that Artur Król’s family hid their neighbours, seven people, in the attic of their home. That level of heroism is only understood by those who undertake such a task. Death hung over them on a daily basis – the slightest denunciation would have been sufficient. 

    Today, Artur Król says, “We entrusted our lives to God. He watched over us and that’s why we succeeded”.

    Faith and a respect for human life are values which his family has never renounced. Today, the Król family can be proud of the Righteous Among the Nations medal which was awarded to them. 


  • Nigdy nie poznam ich imienia, Małgorzata Imielska, WirFilm Studio (dla Programu 1 TVP), Cykl "Sprawiedliwi" , Polska, dokumentalny, 20 min.
  • Nigdy nie zapomnij kłamać, Marian Marzyński, 2012, USA, Documentary film, 56 min

    This film’s creator was only two-years-old when World War II broke out. Thanks to the help of many people, he survived the Holocaust. Years later, he returns to Poland with his camera to recall wartime Warsaw – a painful period of his life. Together with other child survivors of the Holocaust, he now goes on a journey through time.

  • Nikomu nie mów, Małgorzata Brama, Alex Casianov, 2011, Poland, Documentary film, 13 min

    The central figures of this film are three Jewish women who, thanks to good luck and the selfless help of other people, survived the nightmare of war. Throughout the entire occupation, they had to hide the fact that they were Jews. Even many years after the War, they still hid their identity. They pretended that they remembered nothing in order to hide their true origins.

  • No. 4 Street of Our Lady, Barbara Bird, Judy Maltz, Richie Sherman, USA, Documentary film, 90 min

    This film tells the story of Righteous Among the Nations Franciszka Halamaj.