Watch films incorporating themes related to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust; our Museum will be happy to provide you with information on both Polish and foreign films on this subject, including both documentaries and feature films. Each item pertaining to a specific film includes a brief description and a plot summary.

  • Lisi schron, Andrzej Lelito, 2014, Poland, Documentary film, 36 min

    This film tells the story of Roman Janczarski’s forester family who, during the German occupation, hid the Kołatacz family, Jewish merchants. All survived to see the end of the War. Roman Janczarski (posthumously), Genowefa Janczarska and their son Bogdan were all honoured with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

  • Lista Sendlerowej, Michał J. Dudziewicz, Telewizja Polska - II Program, 2002, Poland, Documentary film, 45 min

    Four American teenagers discovered that, during the War, Irena Sendler rescued 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. They decided to create a play about this. As they were gathering information about their heroine, they realised that she was still alive. This film records the teenagers’ visit to Poland, their learning about the reality of war and of the “ordinary” heroism of Irena Sendler which, for them, had a completely extraordinary dimension.