The Sliwczynski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Sliwczynski Family

Before the war, the Śliwczyński and Złotnik families lived side by side in Mława. They got along well and the daughters were classmates in school. During the occupation, both families ended up in Warsaw. The Śliwczyńskis were on the “Aryan” side of town– the Złotniks in the ghetto.

When Ella Złotnikand her father fled the ghetto, they found shelter at the Śliwczyński home, which was located at Chałubińskiego 11. In 1944, Ella was arrested and was awaiting transport to one of the death camps, but Jerzy was able to free her from the transitional camp in Skaryszewska Street. He prepared Aryan papers for the girl, made out to an Elżbieta Zakrzewska, and he gave her shelter. Later, Jerzy was arrested by the Germans and Ella moved to stay with Tadeusz Śliwczyński, Jerzy’s father, who took care of her until the Red Army’s arrival. After the war, Ella emigrated to the USA.

Other Jews also hid in the Śliwczyński home in the period leading up to the Warsaw Uprising. Among them were Jakub Kleniec and his daughter Rut, Józef Makowski and Ms. Bieżuńska.

Other Stories of Rescue in the Area


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