The Guzek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Guzek Family

Eugeniusz Guzek did not attach any importance to the differences on the grounds of nationality or faith: among his schoolmates were both a protestant and Jewish boys. After all, does it really matter when it comes to going out together to the cinema or dancing?

Eugeniusz was a man of action: before the war he was very active in a Polish  scout organization and during the war – in the Underground. As a Home Army soldier, he took part in the Warsaw Uprising. When during the German occupation one of his scout friends asked Eugeniusz to hide a Jewish family, he decided to help, although this decision entailed new responsibilities and dangers.

The Guzek family – Eugeniusz, his mother Zuzanna and sister Jadwiga – became very engaged in this help. They did not only take in the first family of the Mackiewiczs, but also the Szor, Leszcz and Rajbenbach families. They shared their small and uncomfortable flat on Nowogrodzka Street with the Jewish fugitives, and they obtained food, which in those days was a difficult and often risky task. 

The Guzek family helped as long as they could – even during the Warsaw Uprising, Zuzanna was not only able to break free from the German round-up, but she also took one of her protégés with her.

In the period from 1943 to August 1944 the Guzek family hid 12 people altogether, eight of whom survived. They kept in touch with three of them also after the war ended and after their departure to Israel.


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