The Jaroszynski Family

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A Story of Rescue - the Jaroszyński Family

During World War II, Sister Klara Jaroszyńska’s family offered their home, as a shelter, to a number of their Jewish friends.

From August 1942, for a certain time, they hid Halusia, the daughter of the Lautenberg family, whose parents joined her upon escaping from the Radom ghetto.

When hiding the girl became too dangerous for the family, Sister Klara brought Halusia to the Centre for the Blind in Laski near Warsaw, ran by the Order of the Franciscan Nuns. She introduced Halusia as her young cousin, taught her prayers and provided her with food and clothing.

From 1942 to 1945, Sister Klara hid together with Sister Miriam Wajngold, a nun of Jewish descent, who would become the addressee of Jerzy Liebert’s "Letters to Agnieszka“, published in 2002. During this time, Klara cared and provided for Miriam.

Another emotional story is that of Ewunia, aged three, whom a friend of Klara’s found in Kraków. When the little girl first saw Klara, she grabbed the nun’s leg and yelled, “Pick me up!” Sister Klara took little Ewa in her arms, and continued to care for her until the liberation.

In 2005, at age sixty, “Ewunia” found her rescuer and, accompanied by her whole family, came to thank Sister Klara for saving her life.

Other Stories of Rescue in the Area


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