The Solarek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Solarek Family

Chaja Flajszman was a Jewish girl of seventeen who had fled a transport of Jews from Sochaczew to the ghetto in Warsaw. In the winter of 1942, she arrived in the nearby village of Czubajewizna and knocked on the door of Helena Solarek, at whose home she remained as “cousin Hanka” until the occupation was over.

 Helena’s daughter from her first marriage, Halina Swędrowska, procured a Kennkarte for Chaja in the false name of Rozalia Szyling. Chaja and Halina became very close. During this time, Chaja’s sister Nechama Flajszman also came to Halina’s house, but she stayed only one night. The women were afraid that she might call attention and raise suspicion among neighbours and the members of the underground not supportive of Jews.

After the war, Chaja joined the family in Gdynia. When Halina was interrogated by the Office of Security (UB) about Home Army  activity, Chaja successfully intervened by coming forward as a Jew sheltered by Halina and her mother.

 Chaja married Natan Rabinowicz and gave birth to their daughter Bianka in Poland. The Rabinowiczs immigrated to Australia in the winter of 1949-1950. In the 1970s they found Halina and appealed to have her recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.

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