The Skalski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Skalski Family

During the Nazi occupation, Kazimierz and Michalina Skalski and his daughter Irena lived on Brzeska Street in Warsaw.In the years 1942-1944, they hid over a dozen Jews coming from Mińsk Mazowiecki and Radomsko.

The fugitives were all referred to the Skalski family by a notary named Hert, who came from Mińsk Mazowiecki.He established contact with Kazimierz Skalski in 1942, asking him to hide Chil Kirszenbaum and his wife Irena.The Skalskis prepared for them a hiding place in one of the rooms in their apartment.The entrance was concealed with a cupboard. 

Thanks to the help of Hert, there were many other Jews who came to hide in the Skalskis’ apartment: the Osiński brothers, the Parzęchowski brothers, Guta and Józef Najkron, a woman with an 8-year-old daughter, a 9-year-old girl and 3 men with unknown names.The room was quickly filled with the newcomers.It was more and more difficult for the Skalskis to obtain food.They were helped by Chil’s sister, Maryla Parzęczewska.However, during the Warsaw Uprising obtaining food for so many people became so hard that many a time Irena Skalska was forced to steal potatoes from the field in order to get enough food for everybody.

The Skalskis survived many German inspections.Brzeska Streetwas located near the Eastern Train Station – an important transport junction during the Nazi occupation.Many Germans stationed there.This was the reason why the apartment was exposed to constant inspections.However, the hiding place was never detected during repetitive Nazi visits.

All the fugitives survived World War II.The Kirszenbaums and the Parzęczewskis emigrated to Israel, Stanisław Osiński and the Najkrons – to the USA.After the war, the Kirszenbaum family and the family of Stanisław Osiński maintained regular contact with the Skalskis.

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