The Kazmierski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kazmierski Family

Helena Kaźmierska was a caretaker in the building on Grzybowska Street, in which Morris Langer (Lanker) lived with his wife Helena. The Langers supported Helena by giving her food and small amounts of money, they also taught their children music.

In autumn 1942, Langner asked her for help and hiding him and his closest ones: his wife, brother-in-law Henryk Milstein and his wife Jeta and the relative Górski (?). Helena agreed to help. Initially, she hid them in an unused warehouse at the building which she worked in. After a few months, the Jews had to move to a new hiding place but they still obtained help from Helena and her oldest son who worked as a musician at restaurants.

After the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, the Kaźmierskis were ordered by Germans to leave the apartment at 19. Furmańska Street in Powiśle. The Jews remained hidden in the cellar. Morris's wife died a natural death, the other ones survived until the liberation in January 1945.

After the war, they went to Australia. They kept in touch with those who helped them and they used to send Helena souvenirs. They exchanged letters with Milstein until 1976, whilst Langer made a representation on the help which he and his closest family received from Helena and her son. In 1984, Ryszard described the reasons for his activity: "For humanitarian and human reasons, understanding that I was threatened with death, I helped in that way with no material benefits, which can be checked."

In 1987, the Yad Vashem Institute awarded Helena Kaźmierska and her son Ryszard Kaźmierski the tittles of the Righteous Among the Nations.

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