The Dubiniecki Family

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Story of Rescue - The Dubiniecki Family

On May 15th, 1943, when the Warsaw Uprising was in its last throes, a Blue Policeman rescued a baby from the burning streets. By the wall separating the ghetto from the ‘Aryan’ part of Warsaw, he gave the baby to Albin Dubiniecki. The rags the child was wrapped up in had a piece of paper attached to it, with the words: “Anna, October 13th, 1942”, written on it.

Albin Dubiniecki, a retired major in the Polish Army, was a labourer in the Ursus factory. He went into hiding early in the war and joined the Home Army. He and his wife lived on Gen. Zajączka Street, in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district.

“At their age, it was clear that they could no longer have a child of their own,” Anna Szpanowska recalls of her foster parents, “but they decided to save me, giving me a warm, loving home and in every way behaving as if I were their own child.”

The couple registered the child as a Catholic foundling, and the necessary documents were supplied by the Father Boduen orphanage.

Anna and her foster parents survived the Warsaw Uprising. After the war, the Dubinieckis became a loving family, but their traumatic experiences was a cause of their deaths at a fairly early age, in the 1950s, orphaning their adopted child. Shortly before her death, Stefania revealed Anna's true origin to her. Anna never found out who her biological parents were.

It was Anna Szpanowska who initiated the process of awarding Albin and Stefania Dubiniecki with the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

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