The Olbryski Family

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The Story of the Olbrychski Family

Marianna Toroszewska lived in the village of Duchnów in the Otwock district. On her farm, she helped a leatherworker,Taube, and his family survive Nazi occupation. They were in hiding in a bunker near the Miena River. Being extremely cautious,  she would bring food them. Unfortunately, Taube fell into the hands of the German police, who killed him. Soon after, due to being denounced, the leatherworker's wife and daughter were taken from the bunker. Only his teenage son, Marian, survived. He joined a partisan unit. His further fate is unknown. 

Wanda Olbryska was only one person from this family to be honoured with the title of the Righteous Among the Nations. She rescued Jewish family in her house in Zielonka near Warsaw.

Other Stories of Rescue in the Area