“A Record of Memory” – a New Digital Archive

Redakcja / Editorial staff / English translation: Andrew Rajcher, 3rd March 2020
Holocaust Survivors are leaving us. Today, the youngest are eighty years old. It is getting harder for them to attend meetings where they talk about their survival. Their fates and their experiences, collected by the “Children of the Holocaust” Association in Poland, are now available on the Internet, in the "A Record of Memory” digital archive. The project, named in honour Prof. Jakub Gutenbaum, will be regularly updated with new memories, in the form of texts, photographs, videos and audio recordings.

The events which are told here do not die. By storing them on the Internet, they are able to reach us anywhere, anytime. This is why the “A Record of Memory” archive was created. 

– the “Children of the Holocaust” Association in Poland

The digital archive, “A Record of Memory”, contains the memories of the “Children of the Holocaust” – people who were not more than thirteen-years-old or who were born during the period of occupation. Its idea is to collect and share the memories and memorabilia of a wide range of people in Poland and abroad.

The project is named in honour of the first Chairman of the “Children of the Holocaust” Association in Poland, Prof. Jakub Gutenbaum who, from 1991, through publishing the biographies of people who joined the Association, created a five-volume series of memories entitled “The Children of the Holocaust Speak ...”.

"A Record of Memory" builds upon the Association's earlier projects – “My Jewish Parents, My Polish Parents” (2015), meetings (2015–2019), the website: moirodzice.org.pl (2015), the study “We Could Not Understand Why” (2017) as well as the published memoirs “Children of the Holocaust” (2014–2019).

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