Source Relating to "Żegota"

Presented here are selected sources – books, films and podcasts relating to the history of the Council, its members, its structure and its methods of activity.

Published Sources

1. Ten jest z ojczyzny mojej. Polacy z pomocą Żydom 1939-1945 (This Is From My Homeland. Poles Aiding Jews 1939-1945), by W. Bartoszewski, Z. Lewinówna, Warsaw 2007.

This publication consists of three parts – a monograph outline of the issue of aiding Jews, a set of documents, in German and in Polish, regarding the fate of Jews and help provided to Jews, and a set of post-War recollections by Poles and Jews concerning that help.

2. „Żegota”. Rada Pomocy Żydom 1942-1945. Wybór dokumentów (The Council to AId Jews "Żegota". Selected Documents), by A. K. Kunert, Warsaw 2002.

This book contains an interview with Władysław Bartoszewski, a selection of source documents concerning the ghetto and help offered to Jews by the Polish State Underground, the Council to Aid Jews and the Polish Government-in-Exile. It also provides biographies of "Żegota" activists.

3. „Żegota. Dokumenty 1942-1945 ("Żegota". Documents 1942-1945), by M. Olczak, Warsaw 2017.

This publication contains a selection of documents made available by the New Records Archives.

Published Books

1. Marek Arczyński, Wiesław Balcerak, Kryptonim „Żegota”. Z dziejów pomocy Żydom w Polsce 1939-1945 (Codename "Żegota. From the History of Aiding Jews 1939-1945), Warsaw 1979.

Marek Arczyński, active in the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews, has written this book together with journalist Wiesław Balcerak. Although the book has an academic character, it can also be regarded as Arczyński's memoirs. The appendix contains a selections of documents.

2. Anna Bikont, Sendlerowa. W ukryciu (Sendler. In Hiding), Warsaw 2017.

This reporter's biography of Irena Sendler contains information regarding the circumstances surrounding the establishment, structure and people involved in the activities of the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews. It quotes many source documents.

3. Teresa Prekerowa, Konspiracyjna Rada Pomocy Żydom w Warszawie 1942-1945 (The Underground Council to Help Jews in Warsaw 1942-1945), Warsaw 1982.

A basic monograph of the Council to Aid Jews "Żegota". The author, holding a doctorate in history, was involved in helping Jews during the occupation.

4. Gunnar S. Paulsson, Utajone miasto. Żydzi po aryjskiej stronie Warszawy (1940-1945) (Secret City. Jews on the Aryan Side of Warsaw 1940-1945), Kraków 2007.

This book is dedicated to the hiding of Jews in and around Warsaw. It presents an analysis and numbers, and discusses the attitudes of Poles towards Jews.


1. Zegota. A Time to Temember, S. Rotter, A. Sikora, 1992.

This documentary tells of the circumstances surrounding the establishment and activities of the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews.

2. Z gorącego serca. RPŻ Żegota (With a Warm Heart), dir. Z. Kunert, 2003.

This doumentary was made with the participation of the last remaining members of the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews and with some of those whom they rescued.

3. Opowieść o Żegocie (The Story of "Żegota"), dir. Z. Kunert, 2015.

This documentary features some of those save by the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews. They include Prof. Michał Głowiński, Prof. Marian Apfelbaum, Elżbieta Ficowska and Katarzyna Meloch. It contains fragments as told by Irena Sendler.


1. Polish Radio Program

Presented, with the participation of Dr Hanna Węgrzynek, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Provisional Committee to Aid Jews.

English translation: Andrew Rajcher

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