Commemorating "Żegota"

The essence of this commemoration is being passed on into the memory of the next generations. It takes various forms. The Council to Aid Jews "Żegota", and the people connected with it, are honoured in both Poland and Israel.

In 1963, the Yad Vashem Institute of Remembrance in Jerusalem honoured the Council in its "Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations", where Władysław Bartoszewski, as one of its members, planted a small olive tree. At that time, he gave an hours-long testimony which the Institute used to document the organisation's activities.

In 1995, on the square on Ludwika Zamenhofa Street in Warsaw, now at the front of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Professor Bartoszewski unveiled a monument designed by Hanna Szmalenberg and Marek Moderau. An oak tree was planted close to it.

At the initiative of the Polish Association of Jewish War Veterans, a memorial plaque was placed onto the wall of the tenement at 24 Żurawa Street in Warsaw, where the organisation ran its secret office.

In 2005, in Kraków, at 11 Jagiellońska Street, where "Żegota" ran its secret branch office, a plaque was placed, which was financed by the Home Army Museum and the Józef Piłsudski Association.

In 2009, the Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) issued a set of commemorative coins dedicated to the organisation and its workers.

Each year since 2012, on 4th December, on the anniversary of the Council's establishment, POLIN Museum organises educational activities. The most important of these events are meetings of youth with witnesses to history. Together, they lay flowers at the abovementioned "Żegota" monument. For the first three years, the young people met with Władysław Bartoszewski. Following his passing, Holocaust survivor Elżbieta Ficowska has taken over his role. Anniversary commemorations include educational workshops, history lectures and film screenings.

 Karolina Dzięciołowska, December 2017 / English translation: Andrew Rajcher

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