State award ceremony for two Righteous Among Nations

sergio, 28th January 2009
On January 23rd 2009, Minister Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka from the President's office visited two of the several people who couldn't attend the award ceremony for Poles saving Jews during World War II. The award ceremony for these two Righteous Among Nations - Mrs. Lubomira Karwowska and Mr. Władysław Szafraniec took place at their Warsaw appartments. The president's chaplain Rev.Roman Indrzejczyk, Mrs. Ewa Wierzyńska, Deputy Director of the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, Mr. Jan Rasiński, mayor of the Warsaw- Mokotow district and Mr. Wojciech Bartelski, mayor of the Warsaw- Center district were present.

The Minister said "I invited the mayors to take part in the ceremony, because I hope that they will inspire local governments to take care of the older heroes who are sometimes failing in health, and in need of help. These are people who should be role models for our youth. The Righteous can tell their stories, explain how it was to live during a war and what are the perils of racial hatred. We should take these stories as a lesson. This is why, like last year, I am going to visit other people who couldn't make it to the ceremony at the National Theatre. I am counting on other local politicians to accompany me, like the ones in Warsaw".

The stories of both Mrs. Lubomira Karwowska and Mr. Władysław Szafraniec described by Teresa Torańska
can be found in the album on the website.