Our Righteous Exhibition in New York

Mateusz Szczepaniak, 7th April 2017
Our exhibition "They Risked Their Lives - Poles Saving Jews During the Holocaust" opened at the Polish Consulate in New York on 5th April. Among those present at the Official Opening was Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki. This is yet another display of our exhibition in the United States.

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition in New York, Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, "I feel uplifted by this exceptionally important part of history relating to the Righteous Among the Nations and by the great interest in this subject. We're talking here about a true, very sad reality. Everyone should know about the terrible crimes committed by the Germans, about those terrible, dark times during which the Righteous risked their lives to save others".

Participants at the opening included the Polish Consul General in New York Maciej Gołubiewski, the Israeli Consul Szimon Mercer-Wood, Director of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Dariusz Stola, as well as Museum benefactor and Holocaust Survivor Sigmund Rolat.

The exhibition "They Risked Their Lives - Poles Saving Jews During the Holocaust" presents the stories of Poles who risked their lives, and the lives of their families, to provide aid to persecuted Jews. The exhibition tells about both the rescuers and those rescued, in the historical context of occupied Polnd, explaining the circumstances and scale of the help provided and what motivated the Righteous to provide that assistance.

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Prof. Dariusz Stola pointed out the role of POLIN Museum in documenting and disseminating the stories of the Righteous. "We conduct our educational activities not only in Poland, but also abroad", he said. "We highlight the Righteous themselves - these extraordinary individuals about whom little is known - and they are many. We chose selected stories of people from various backgrounds and levels of education. All these stories tell of exceptional courage". 

The exhibition was prepared using an extraordinary collection of Righteous and Survivor interviews, gathered together as part of POLIN Museum's "Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History" internet project, begun in 2007. Stories of aid provided to Jews are published on www.sprawiedliwi.org.pl.

To date, the exhibition has been translated into seven languages and has been displayed in many countries around the world. In the United States, the cities it has already visited include Chicago, El Paso and Phoenix. 

Source material derived from POLIN Museum and PAP.