More interviews with the Righteous to come

MP, 21st January 2009
We would like to inform, with great pleasure, that the next stage of the "Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History" project, run by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Republic of Poland President's Office since 2007, has begun.

Since the beginning of the project two albums dedicated to the Polish Righteous were published. A website has been created – , where one can find stories of over a hundred heroes, and also information on the Yad Vashem medal, the list of Polish recipients, the list of ceremonies that took place in Poland, information about books, movies and audio files concerning the Righteous. From the moment of the inauguration of the project the President of the Republic of Poland awarded over a hundred people who helped Jews in hiding during World War II high state honors at ceremonial celebrations at the National Theatre.
On January 17th 2009, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews had a meeting/ training session for over forty of the project's associates (see enclosed photographs). We talked about the specific character of our research and how it should be conducted, and we shared our research experiences from last year.
In the first days of February forty researchers will set to conduct interviews and gather testimonies from the Polish Righteous.
Till the summer of 2009 we will have about 150 new stories about these heroes. Every one of them will be enhanced by photographic material – recent portraits of the Righteous, pictures from archives, photos of the hideouts or their traces, if such remain.