The Ruszkowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Ruszkowski Family

Four families risked their lives in order to save Mark Altstadt of Lwów, a Polish Army soldier who had lost a leg in the defence of Poland during the Nazi German invasion in September 1939.

First he hid on ul. Koszykowa in Warsaw. Aryan papers were obtained for him and he began working in the Tobacco Monopoly. He was recognised there. As he wrote to the Jewish Historical Institute in 1993, "Aurelia Marszewska, a friend from work, immediately, because it took her mere seconds to decide, arranged for me to leave via the back door.” 

She brought him to her family. She lived with her mother and sister on ul. Radna. Aurelia wrote, He lived together with us, very modestly, on the salaries of I and my mother earned - and sometimes from the money we earned collectively.”

He remained with them for almost two years, except for a period of two weeks when they had to take him to their friends in Żoliborz. Again he found work, at the  Wytwórni Papierów Wartościowych (Polish mint). Again, he encountered someone who doubted his Aryan identity. So, he was taken to Albert and Florentyna Szart in the village Dębe Wielkie, where he remained until liberation.

He wrote, “Thanks to the help I received, I never lived in a ghetto and I remained alive”.


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