The Mrozek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Mrozek Family

Waleria and Stanisław Mrożek lived in Częstochowa at 45 Matejki Street with their three children: Daniela, Elżbieta and Zenon. Stanisław was a worker.

In December 1941, Anna (Mina) Scheier-Weksler and her son Artur escaped from the ghetto in Częstochowa. The Mrożeks provided them with false documents. At the same time, Anna's sister – Irma Scheier-Zimetbaum -with her son Marceli also managed to get out of the ghetto. The husbands of Anna and Irma – Henryk Weksler (born 1899) and Józef Zimetbaum (born 1904) – lost their lives.

The sisters with children found shelter at the Mrożeks' apartment where, as it turned out, was also a hiding place for a Jewish woman from Łódź who used the name Wanda Kwiatkowska. The hiding place was in the attic of the house. The Jews could go downstairs only at night. They slept in one room with their hosts. During round-ups, they hid in the cellar. Their eldest daughter Daniela help the parents to care for the Jews. Waleria and Daniela did the cleaning, washed their clothes, removed waste, as there was no sewage system in the house. The parents also tried to obtain food and fuel.

After a few months, Anna and Irma with their sons decided to move to Warsaw but there they fell victims to blackmailers. In February 1942, Anna with Artur and Marceli returned to Częstochowa and found shelter in the Mrożeks' place again. Irma was arrested and her fate is unknown.

The Mrożek family shared nearly everything they had with the Jews they sheltered. The women had no funds to pay for the shelter and food. In addition, the Mrożeks fell victims to blackmailers and had to pay a ransom. The Mrożeks' children used to accompany Anna in the evenings, when she had to visit the dentist. After dusk, the children also took Marceli sledging.

Artur managed to go to work to Germany under an assumed name. His mother, Marceli and Kwiatkowska remained with the Mrożek family until the liberation in January 1945.

After the war, Anna Weksler returned with Artur to Cracow, where she married Herman Katz (born 1893). The family went to Israel, where Artur became an attorney and a notary. Anna kept in touch with the Mrożek family, whilst Marcel went to the USA, where he became a doctor and established a family. In 1996, he gave an interview to the USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive. Kwiatkowska remained in Poland. In his mother’s representation, Artur Weksler stated "Until her death in the year 1968 in Israel, my mum was grateful to the Mrożek family for saving her life and maintained contact with them."

On 29th January 1992, the Yad Vashem Institute awarded the spouses Stanisław and Waleria Mrożek and their daughter Daniela the titles of the Righteous Among the Nations.


  • Archiwum Żydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, 349, 920