The Mironiuk Family

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Story of Rescue - The Mironiuk Family

The Righteous

Franciszka Olesiejuk and Weronika Stefaniuk tell stories of the Jews saved by the Iwaniuk family. Mikołaj Iwaniuk, Franciszka's father, his paralyzed wife and daughters (Franciszka and Paulina) helped many people.

Mr. Iwaniuk also sent Jews to hide with his distant relatives and friends. He was a very religious person and was locally known as a "saint". People who he has helped say that it is a justified opinion.

Jews who were hidden

The Iwaniuk family sheltered among others: Gidala Rydlewicz, Noah Rodzynek and Izrael Kaufman. Mr. Iwaniuk's sister, Julianna Mironiuk, lived with eight children, one of whom was Weronika Stefaniuk. Weronika's family sheltered the brothers: Mietek (Motel Goldszeft) and Janek (Szloma Goldszeft) and also Władek (Wolf Englender). Motel and Szloma's sister Perla Goldszeft who after the war, took the name Rodzynek (she married Noah, rescued by the Iwaniuks] was also sheltered in several houses within the village during this time.

Franciszka and Weronika recall that many Poles were anti-Semites and after the liberation, killed Jews who had survived the war.

After the war

The Iwaniuk family kept in touch with Perla Goldszeft, her husband Noah Rodzynek and Ewa Sarnecka, Noah's cousin, who survived as a guerrilla member in the Kozienice Forest. After the war Gidala Rydlewicz worked as a teacher in a secondary school in Biała Podlaska. Most of the other rescued Jews occasionally contacted the Iwaniuk family. From some, they have not heard anything, following the liberation.

The relation was recorded in the framework of the project "Lights In The Darkness - The Righteous Among The Nations", courtesy of the "Ośrodek Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" in Lublin



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