Kosibowicz Tadeusz

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Story of Rescue - Kosibowicz Tadeusz

Dr Tadeusz Kosibowicz was a head of the District Hospital in Będzin from 1921. When in early September 1939 Będzin was taken by Germans, there were many wounded in the hospital. Among them there was a Jew named Skrzypek who required a long-term treatment. Dr Kosibowicz changed the name of his Jewish patient to Krawczyk and employed him in the hospital. He did similarly to other Jewish patients. In this activity he was supported by Dr Ryszard Nyc and nurse Rufina Świrska.

When in the night from 8 to 9 September 1939 Germans set to the Będzin synagogue on fire with people praying inside, Dr Kosibowicz first went to help the wounded who managed to escape to a nearby church. They were granted refuge by priest Mieczysław Zawadzki. Dr Kosibowicza took care of Icchak Turner among others. Thanks to the support of Father Zawadzki, he got to the hospital heavily burned despite the German blockade at the entrance. Another wounded Jew, Huberfelda, was also taken to the hospital. After years, his sister Sala testified of heroism Dr Kosibowicz.

Dr Kosibowicz helped all the patients, including Germans. He was denounced by his German patient who was being treated hospital in April 1940. She discovered that the doctor kept in the hospital a Jew under a false name Krawczyk. On 8 May 1940 Gestapo arrested Dr Kosibowicz and Dr Ryszard Nyc as well as nurse Rufina Świrska. They all received death sentences which were converted to stay in a concentration camp at the last minute. Dr Kosibowicz lived successively in KL Dachau, KL Sachsenhausen, Majdanek (KL Lublin) and KL Gross-Rosen. Also there, as in previous camps, he served as a doctor-prisoner, taking care of, among others, a Jew from Będzin – Zvi Landau – until when the Jew was moved to another camp.

After his release, Dr Kosibowicz returned to Będzin and became a head of a hospital. He died of a heart attack on 6 July 1971 in a clinical hospital of Katowice. He was buried in his family tomb in Jaworze near Bielsko-Biała.


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