The Righteous at a meeting in Stoczek Węgrowski

JJ, 20th February 2009
A lecture called "Following Jewish Footsteps" was given on February 13th 2009 to an audience of students of a middle school in Stoczek Węgrowski.

A considerable part of the lecture concerned the Righteous. Jadwiga Gawrych, a member of the Polish Society of the Righteous Among the Nations, as well as Jakub Jaskółowski, a representative of the President's Chancellery, took part in this event initiated by Zbigniew Niziński, the president of the "Memory that Remains" Foundation. After Mr. Niziński (awarded in 2008 the Polonia Restituta medal by the President for gathering and popularizing materials about the Holocaust) gave his speech, Jadwiga Gawrych, a Polish Righteous told the story of hiding a Jewish family. The students listened to her with great attention.

The "Poles saving Jews during the Holocaust" album and outline of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews program – "Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History" were also presented during the event. Organizing this meeting was possible thanks to the local authority of Stoczek, Mieczysław Wójcik and the school's principal, Tadeusz Danaj.