POLIN Museum Wins 2015 Sybilla Award

Mateusz Szczepaniak, 16 November 2016
With great pride, we are pleased to announce that the POLIN Museum has won the 2015 Sybilla Award in the Martyrology category. Presented by the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections, the award was for the Museum's series of virtual exhibitions W ukryciu (In Hiding) which commemorates the saving of Jews during the Holocaust.

The Gala Presentation of the 36th Annual Sybilla Awards took place on 23rd Mary 2016 in Warsaw's National Opera Theatre. Amongst those who participated in the event were the Under-Secretary of State for Culture and National Heritage Wanda Zwinogrodzka, the Director of the National Opera Theatre Waldemar Dąbrowski, the Director of the National Institute of Museums and Public Collections Dr hab. Piotr Majewski, together with the award winners.

For this year's Sybilla awards, 264 museum projects were submitted for evaluation by the jury. They represented an outstanding representation of research and culture. Awards were presented in the following exhibition categories: art, history and archeology, ethnography,natural history and technical undertakings in the areas of martyrology, educations, conservation and protection of cultural heritage, digitisation and new technology, research projects, publications and investments.

The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews won the Martyrology category for its In Hiding series of virtual exhibitions which was created in 2015 as part of "Polish Righteous - Recalling Forgotten History" project, which promotes an understanding of the fate of those in hiding and of those who, despite the threat of the death penalty, decided to help Jews during the Holocaust. In Hiding actually consists of three exhibition: Kochanej mamósi na pamiątkę (To my Mummy as a keepsake), Dom pod zwariowaną gwiazdą (The House Under a Wacky Star) and Dobry adres (The Right Address), which can be viewed directly from the www.righteous.pl website.

For thirty six years, the Sybilla Award has honoured and promoted the most outstanding achievements of museums throughout Poland. For the fifth time, the competition has been organised by the National Institute of Museums and Public Collections which also, this year, celebrates its fifth anniversary. 

Information about all award winners can be found on the Sybilla website.