‘Neighbours Above Fear’ – a Series of articles Published by Gazeta Wyborcza

PS, 13th November 2008
For over a year now, within the framework of the MHPJ project Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History, interviews have been held with people who hid or otherwise helped Jews during World War Two. Additional documentation has also been gathered.

Basing her stories on that material, Teresa Torańska – a renown Polish writer - prepared a series of articles under the collective title ‘Neighbours Above Fear’.

“Much has been written in the recent years about Jewish fear and Polish neighbours. The time has come to also remember Polish heroes, those who despite fear, and often despite their neighbours, managed the impossible - to save Jews. [...] So that their memory can also be saved.”

These articles were published in October 2008 in Gazeta Wyborcza daily. They are accessible through the newspaper website: na stronie internetowej „Sąsiedzi ponad strachem”