Lecture "Władysław Bartoszewski – the Adventures of a Thoughtful Man”

Mateusz Szczepaniak, 20th February 2017
To mark the 95th birthday of Władysław Bartoszewski, the POLIN Museum invites you to a lecture "Władysław Bartoszewski - the Adventures of a Thoughtful Man", which will be delivered by Dr Michal Komar, lecturer at Collegium Civitas. The lecture will take place on 21st February at 5:00pm at the for old library hall of the University of Warsaw.

This event is part of the "Eight Lectures for the New Millenium" cycle. Since 2000, more than 120 such lectures have been delivered at the University of Warsaw. The lecturers come from the worlds of research and culture, are communal activists and politicians. They address issues relating to contemporary problems.

Admission is free.

Władysław Bartoszewski (1922-2015) was a soldier in the Home Army (AK). He participated in the Warsaw Uprising, was a prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau and a member of the "Żegota" Council to Aid Jews. In free Poland, he served of Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also a columnist, a historian, a writer and a communal activist. In his last years, he served as adviser to the Polish Prime Minister on international dialogue. His story can be read on our website.