How to teach about the Righteous?

HK, 3rd April 2009
On April 3rd 2009 The Center for Civic Education (CEO) organized a conference - Holocaust as a challenge for today's education for middle and high school teachers from around Poland. Prof. Barbara Engelking-Boni talked of Polish attidtudes towards the Holocaust, and Elizabeth Edelstein had a lecture on teaching tolerance in schools.

The Executive Vice President of the Jewish Foundation for the Rigteous - Stanlee Stahl came from New York to give a presentation on Rescue during the Holocaust. She talked about how to teach children about the Righteous among Nations: what obstacles they had to overcome, what risks they had to take, how different factors influenced their decisions, how humility is key to understand their actions.

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous supports them financially since 1986. Today the Foundation helps 1100 Righteous from 24 countries. Among that group 550 are from Poland.