Commemorative Plaque on Pawińskiego Street

KD, 17th February 2010
The Warsaw district of Ochota is commemorating Irena Sendler.

On February 17th the mayor of the district, Maurycy Wojciech Komorowski, accompanied by several notable guests of honor, who included Janina Zgrzembska and Elżbieta Ficowska, unveiled the commemorative plaque on the wall of the health care center at  Pawińskiego Street. In 1932-1935 Irena Sendler worked for the Mother and Child Aid Section of the Citizens’ Social Aid Committee (Obywatelski Komitet Pomocy Społecznej), whose headquarters were located in this building, although at the time the address was Opaczewska Street.

The ceremony was a highlight of the 100th anniversary of Irena Sendler’s birthday. Among the participants were students from schools bearing the name of Irena Sendler, who are taking part in the convention commenced on Tuesday, Febraury 16th, and held by Warsaw’s Irena Sendler Middle School no. 23.

A resolution on honoring the memory of Irena Sendler in the presence of the students from the schools bearing her name was adopted by the lower chamber of the parliament of Poland. 

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