Our exhibitions

We invite you to explore our virtual exhibitions dedicated to selected issues pertaining to the rescue of Jews by Poles during World War II. We are proud to announce that our exhibitions have been awarded an Honourable Mention at the Sybilla Museum Even of the Year 2015 organized by the National Institute for Museums and Public Collections.

THE RIGHT ADDRESS - Hiding Jews in occupied Warsaw

Where, in Warsaw, did Jews hide during the War? How many of these places still exist today? Perhaps, without realising, we pass by them everyday. These forgotten Warsaw stories are now told in our new virtual exhibiti...

Polish Artist Rescuing Jews

Poles, who saved Jews during the Holocaust, came from all sorts of places and were driven by differing motivations. For rescuing another person, each one risked their own life and the lives of their family members. Am...

TO MY MUMMY AS A KEEPSAKE - Jewish Children Rescued From the Holocaust

Before the War, one million Jewish children lived in Poland. The vast majority of them were murdered by the Nazis. Only a few thousand survived, mainly due to the efforts of individual adults, but also as the result o...

THE HOUSE UNDER A WACKY STAR - Jews in Hiding at the Warsaw Zoo

An asylum, a harbour, an ark - this is how the Warsaw Zoo was described by those who survived World War II there with the help of the Żabiński family. 2015 marks fifty years since the Żabiński family was honoured with...

THEY RISKED THEIR LIVES - Poles Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust

This exhibition presents stories of aid extended by Poles to Jews during World War II. It has been prepared by the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in partnership with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Council for Aid to Jews

This virtual exhibition is dedicated to the Council for Aid to Jews Żegota, the only state organisation in occupied Europe formed to help Jews during the time of the Holocaust.