Your Stories

Many stories, which tell of attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust, have only survived in the memory of the families of those who witnessed these events with their own eyes. As the very last among these witnesses pass away, so do their stories which, today, only exist in oral form. Many of these stories will be lost forever. We believe that every single Rescuer deserves a place in our collective memory. For this reason, we have also decided to use our portal to publish those stories which have so far not been thoroughly documented. If any stories of the rescue of Jews during World War II have ever been told within your family or amongst your friends, please down note these stories and send them to us. We believe that this will also be an opportunity to identify other witnesses of the events described in such stories.

The Hiding of Załko Liwintera by the Łanowy Family in Załoźce
During World War II, the Łanowy family, Ignacy and Maria, lived in the town of Załoźce
Hiding Professor Romer in Podhorce
During World War II, my father, Władysław Horodyski (1918-1959), managed the Podhorce estate.
“Well-Furnished Under the Dome”
Klara Jackl's memories of Jadwiga Rytlowa.
The “Rascal” Jadwiga
Joanna Król's memories of Jadwiga Rytlowa.
Farewell Jadwiga Rytlowa
Karolina Dzięciołowska's memories of Jadwiga Rytlowa.
The story of how my mother, Czesława Dubas, rescued Jews in Lwów
My mother, Czesława Lizewska (nee Dubas) was born on 14th August 1927. When World War II broke ou...
Searching for Pani M. from Grochów
When my parents, Bala and David Lipstadt, died, they left behind many puzzles. One of the most pr...
"Our neighbor reported on the Jews my mom was hiding to the police" – the story of Regina Tkaczenko from Żółkiew
My family lived in Żółkiew since the 1920s. My father, Jan Sobczyszyn, worked in Kopernika Street...
The testimony of Zbigniew Pycka on hiding a Jewish woman in Adamów
During the Second World War, my grandparents Feliks and Józefa Pycka lived in Adamów (Łuków count...
Teresa Jawic, Tirza Potter – a Survivor
Teresa Jawic was born on 11th February 1934 in Warsaw. Her father Zygmunt (Zusman, born in 1893 i...
Hiding Jews in Gołuchowice (Zawierciański District)
As one of the last living witnesses of the events of WWII in Gołuchowice, Zawierciański District,...
Seeking the Warzycha Family
In May 2015 a local newspaper in Brześć on Bug published an article in the hope of finding out wh...