Your Stories

Many stories, which tell of attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust, have only survived in the memory of the families of those who witnessed these events with their own eyes. As the very last among these witnesses pass away, so do their stories which, today, only exist in oral form. Many of these stories will be lost forever. We believe that every single Rescuer deserves a place in our collective memory. For this reason, we have also decided to use our portal to publish those stories which have so far not been thoroughly documented. If any stories of the rescue of Jews during World War II have ever been told within your family or amongst your friends, please down note these stories and send them to us. We believe that this will also be an opportunity to identify other witnesses of the events described in such stories.

The Story of the Janoff (Janow) Family
Help provided to Jews by the Janoff (Janow) family in Motkowice (Świętokrzyskie Province).
Władysław Goń's Story
How Mordka Szlama was rescued by Piotr and Agnieszka Goń in WólckaPełkińska (Podkarpackie Prov.).
Searching for Jasio
The story of the survival of a Jewish boy in Turkowice during World War II.
The Story of the Kiszło Family
During World War II, Symcha Lazar, Marinberg and Moshe Tiktin were in hiding in Jatwieź Duża.
The story of Andrzej Majsterek’s family
About help provided to Jews by Stefan and Stefania Lesisz in the village of Kotłówka near Żelechów.
The story of Kazimierz Kacprzak’s family
About help provided to Jews by Jan and Hildegarda Kacprzak at 48 Chłodna Street in Warsaw.
They Came to Kill
"My grandmother wouldn't allow me to go to that corner of the garden” - Maria Kaczyńska's story.
The story of the Kozak family
In May 1944, Salomon Sterlicht asked Władysław and Anna Kozak for shelter in their home.
The story of the Włodek family
"Perhaps that rescued girl will read it and think warmly about those who saved her."
“You would have done the same for me”
Looking for “Pani Kotulowa” (Helena Kotula), who during the war helped her friend Norman Salsitz.
The story of the Zorski family
During World War II, the Zorski family were hidden by Franciszek and Florentyna Nowak in their home.
Who was Mikołaj Lubaczewski?
On help provided by Zbigniew Makowski’s family in Izabelin (Mazowieckie Province).