Your Stories

Many stories, which tell of attitudes of Poles towards Jews during the Holocaust, have only survived in the memory of the families of those who witnessed these events with their own eyes. As the very last among these witnesses pass away, so do their stories which, today, only exist in oral form. Many of these stories will be lost forever. We believe that every single Rescuer deserves a place in our collective memory. For this reason, we have also decided to use our portal to publish those stories which have so far not been thoroughly documented. If any stories of the rescue of Jews during World War II have ever been told within your family or amongst your friends, please down note these stories and send them to us. We believe that this will also be an opportunity to identify other witnesses of the events described in such stories.

A Hideout Behind an Oven. The Story of the Galas Family
The story of hiding Izaak and Rachela Birenbaum and Józef Jass in Strzeniówka (Mazowieckie Prov.).
"I remember how he took my hand". The story of Rachela Varejes
The story of Rachela Varejes nee Friedman in Jaszuny near Vilnius.
A Drop of Blood - the Story of Zygmunt Dambek
During the Holocaust, he helped Jews. After the War, he received help from the survivors..
The story of the Lauer Family
Guiora Joseph Lauer’s story of his family and of being rescued on the so-called Aryan side.
“My home is in Suchedniów”. The story of Jakub Berkman
Berkman’s ancestors lived in the town since the second half of the 19th century.
The Story of the Pieniak Family
The story of Estera Borensztejn hidden by the Pieniak family in Sobolewo (Mazowieckie Province).
The Story of Janina Kania
How Janina Kania (nee Baranowska) helped the Jewish Lewin family during the Holocaust in Warsaw.
Remembering Shalom Lindenbaum
He survived the Death March. He was a literary scholar and translator of Polish poetry into Hebrew.
“Cherry Bloossoms and Beautiful Young Japanese Girls in Kimonos. A Totally Different World”. The story of the Weyland family
Marcel Weyland and his family survived the Holocaust thanks to the help of Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese Consul in Kaunas.
The Friendship between Helena and Toni
About the help provided by Helena Samsonowicz to her Jewish friend, Toni Stransky, in Gorlice.
Searching for Rózia
On help provided to Jews by the Klim family in Wola Zabierzowska (Małopolskie Province).
The Story of a Certain Registration
"A Good Address” prompted Tomasz Przybył to tell the history of ul. Oksywska 15.