Szulc Family

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The story of the Szulc family

Leszek Szulc lived during World War II in Stryj (Stanisławowskie Voivodeship). Together with his parents, Józef and Maria, he helped local Jews.

“My father – he explains – was a wonderful conspirator. He made cooked meats, he belonged to the PPS (Polish Socialist Party) and he worked with Jews. After all – he emphasizes, – they weren’t Jews, but friends, acquaintances”.

They lived on the outskirts of Stryj (formerly in the Stanisławów Voivodeship). When the Russians entered in 1939, father told his wife and two sons: “What will be happening in the house is our secret”. And he and his sons began to dig different secret shelters.

“We were all in the conspiracy – he points out. – The main weapons’ and explosives’ storeroom was in our house”. 

Sonia Landau and her husband Jonah Friedler hid with them from October 1943 until August of 1944. Sonia was the daughter of a friend, a miller, and Jonah was a Hebrew teacher.

First, they stayed in a dark underground carriage garage, close to the explosives in a small room lit by a flashlight, later – because the ground was damp from a nearby river – they were transferred to the attic. They had mattresses, pillows, and food for three days. Toward the end, when the Germans began to retreat, they moved to a compartment near the kitchen and at night they could go out into the garden.  After the war they went to the United States.

“My daughter went to see them in New York – he says. – Our pictures are on their mantel and Sonia told her: ‘Your father, great-uncle, and grandfather saved me’.  And they both cried”.


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