The Roziewicz Family

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Story of Rescue - The Roziewicz Family

Before World War II, the Róziewicz family lived in the village of Jaworów in Dolina county located in Stanisławów province of the interwar Poland. Józef worked in the railway company. Their house was located close to the railway track connecting Stryj with Stanisławów and leading to Lviv.

People of different nationalities lived in the vicinity of Jaworów: Poles, Ukrainians, Jews and Germans. In September 1939 this region was occupied by the Soviet forces. In 1941 the German-Soviet war broke out and the former Stanisławów province was invaded by the Third Reich troops.

Emil Róziewicz was the eldest among the four siblings. When the war broke out, he started helping his parents to run the household. Together with his mother he smuggled food to the ghetto in Bolechów.

Emil remembers particularly one summer day of 1942: “My mother went (...) to sell some butter. And there was this Jewish girl. She was similar to my family, a black one. I liked her very much. So I said: »Mum, let me take her home.« (…) So we took her. We treated her like the member of our family.”

After 3 weeks the Jewish girl went to the ghetto to bring her sister. She passed the address of the Róziewicz family to her, but she lost her own life in the process.

Shortly after this event, three Jews came to the Róziewiczs asking them for help: the sister of murdered Iza named Gitla Kinger and her friends: Schmuel Schor and his fiancée Fryda. The householders had already known them: before the war the Jews had been living in the neighboring village Sułuków [or Sołuków - editorial note].

The Róziewiczs hid them in a hiding place in the barn. The Rescued stayed there for 2 years - until the Soviet forces marched into the village in July 1944.

In August 1945 the Róziewicz family was repatriated to the village of Siedlce near Oława. Gitla emigrated to Canada, while Fryda and Schmuel got married. They settled down in Israel. In 1992 they met with Emil, who was at that time on an excursion to the Holy Land.


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