Rosenzweig Maria

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Story of Rescue - Rosenzweig Maria

Maria Błyszczuk was a teacher. During the occupation she worked as a nurse in Czortków, in eastern Galicia. It was here that she met doctor Emil Rosenzweig who asked her for help when the persecution of Jews became a real threat.

In June of 1942, with the help of an engineer friend Maria rented the attic of an almost empty house on the main street in town. Emil moved in and never left his hiding place. Despite the deadly threat, Maria tried to visit him every day, bringing food and water and removing waste.

One day, the Gestapo knocked on the attic door. It is highly likely that the informant was the tenement’s only other tenant, a man living on the ground floor of the building. Fortunately, the doctor was able to flee through a hole in the wall. His struggle began. Friends drove him out to the country, hidden in a basket. Maria Błyszczuk, now wanted by the Gestapo, also had to leave town. In 1945, in Czortków, doctor Rosenzweig met his saviour. Soon afterwards, the two got married and moved to Kraków.


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