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Story of Rescue - Mlodawska Zofia

She lived in Lublin. To save money for school she worked as a nanny for Kama and Robert, the children of a gynecologist, Leopold Lind. In March of 1941 the Lind family was relocated into the ghetto at Tatar Majdan. They left the children with friends and asked Ms. Młodawska to care for them.

In 1942 the Linds, with the help of Zofia obtained falsified Kennkarts with the name Zakrzewski and escaped from Lublin. They settled in Wawer on Halicka Street. Zofia continued to care for the children and also made a little extra money cleaning houses.  Ms. Lind was arrested in 1944 by the Gestapo and Dr. Lind, along with his brother-in-law, went into hiding in Warsaw while Zofia was left alone with the children.

She had no money. At that time Ms. Kaczyńska from the underground organization helped by bringing them food. Fortunately, after three weeks the Linds returned. After the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising and as a result of the approaching front they were forced by the Germans to leave Wawer and were evacuated to Rabka.

Luckily, they were not identified. In Rabka, Zofia Młodawska and Ms. Lind were employed in the kitchen of a German construction company and the managed to see the liberation there. In 1950 the Linds emigrated to Israel. It was a difficult moment for Zofia. “After they left, I felt such sorrow, as if my own close family had left”.  

They were writing each other. She received packages at holidays.  Currently, only Robert is living, but he no longer wants to communicate with anyone from the time of the war.


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