The Kubicki Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kubicki Family

During the occupation, Zofia and Jan Kubicki lived in the Marymont district of Warsaw, at the address Żukowska 5. Their apartment was very small, consisting of two tiny rooms. In one of them, behind a wardrobe, the Kubickis hid Jews.

During the war, Jan worked for the Polish police. He was also a member of the AK. He and his wife tried to save lives because this was how they understood the Christian concept of love for one’s neighbour, regardless of nationality or language.

Jan gave Jews shelter and food and helped them find more secure hiding places. He was able to save one of the Jewish prisoners from the transport to the concentration camp at Gęsia St., referred to as “Gęsiówka.” Wearing his uniform, he pretended that he had caught a prisoner in the act, whom he then led across Warsaw to a safe hiding spot.

It is estimated that a total of seventeen people hid in the Kubicki home during the war. Some of them stayed for as long as several months. Among them were Halina Sawicka (Ewa Putterman, now Laor), Justyna Gertlerowa and son, Celina Morecka, and a mother and daughter from Lublin by the name Nussenbaum.


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