The Gielarowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Gielarowski Family

The schoolhouse in Sokołów Małopolski, served as a military police station for the Germans during the war. For a about month during the summer of 1943, a squad of the SS was also stationed there. Based in Sokołów, they would conduct pacification operations in the neighbouring villages.

From the summer of 1942, in the nearby village of Trzebuska, Bartłomiej Gielarowski and Karolina Marciniec hid Josef Fischman, Berek Kahner, Mojżesz and Leizer Kraut, all former residents of Sokołów Małopolski, a man named Meilech from the village of Nienadówka and an unidentified woman.

In winter the fugitives staying with the Polish couple would live in the house, and during the summer they would hide in the barn, the attic, or a hideout, dug in the garden and covered with branches.

On Sunday, July 26th, 1943 Gielarowski’s house and the neighbouring households were surrounded by the SS. Bartłomiej Gielarowski and Karolina Marciniec, along with the Jews they were hiding, were arrested and taken to Sokołów in a cart. Interrogation revealed that the Poles had been helping the Jews.

The next day the couple and four Jewish captives (three men and a woman) were executed in the courtyard of the Sokołów school and buried there. Several days later the Germans exhumed and buried the bodies.