The Baranek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Baranek Family

In the morning of March 15th, 1943, several uniformed Germans came from Miechów to Siedliska (Małopolska province) and went to the village administrator. They told him to gather the local men.

Once the men arrived, they all went together to the farm buildings of the Baranek family, where a thorough search was carried out. The search revealed a hiding place in the stable with four men in it: the Gotfried brothers from Miechów and their father. From the testimony of Jan Kania, a witness: “…one of the Germans pointed to the loft of the pigsty adjacent to Baraneks’ house and looked in it. As it turned out, an additional wall had been built between Baraneks’ house and the pigsty, and a hiding place was arranged there”. The Jews were ordered to leave their hiding. The men were taken behind the pigsty and shot. Their bodies were buried behind the barn.

After they had murdered the Jews, the Germans went to the Baraneks’ house. They took Łucja and Wincenty to the barn, where they shot them. A moment later, they also brought the children there, ordered them to kneel down in the barn door, and shot them. After the murder, they robbed the Baraneks’ house. However, they did not find Łucja’s mother, Katarzyna. Threatening to murder the entire village, they ordered the local people to find her. The next day the neighbours brought Katarzyna to the German post, where she wasmost probably murdered.

The article comes from the album Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust. Recalling Forgotten History, 2013.