Hostility. Indifference. Rescue.

We present three educational class scenarios devoted to the “Righteous Among the Nations”.
They are based on accounts collected as part of “The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History” project, in cooperation with experts in historical and civic education. The accounts, used to prepare these scenarios which are examples of “oral history”, relate to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust in the Second Polish Republic.

We encourage everyone to look at history from an individual perspective, to listen to the voices of its participants and witnesses. We hope that such an approach will enable us to help young people to not only understand the historical facts, but also to learn to think critically, interpret information, compare various points of view and then to draw conclusions.

These workshops regarding the Righteous should be a starting point of reflection on the past and present, and should also be a tool to enhance the understanding of history and our own conditioning.

The scenarios can be used both in formal and informal education, by teachers, educators and trainers specialising in historical and civic education. They are addressed to young people above the age of 13. Each scenario concentrates on another set of problems and presents the phenomena with varying degrees of intensity. As such, the workshops can all become part of one cycle.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission