THE RIGHT ADDRESS - Hiding Jews in occupied Warsaw

Where, in Warsaw, did Jews hide during the War? How many of these places still exist today? Perhaps, without realising, we pass by them everyday. These forgotten Warsaw stories are now told in our new virtual exhibition "The Right Address".

Historians estimate that, at various times during World War II, up to 27,000 Jews were in hiding in Warsaw. We will never know exactly just how many and exactly where all the hiding places were. Our exhibition, prepared with the aid of the Pańska Skórka Warsaw blog, endeavours to recall the stories of Poles who offered help to Jews at the risk of their own lives. For helping Jews in Poland, the Germans reacted with the death penalty. We dedicate this new exhibition to the rescuers and the survivors – Poles and Jews. It tells selected stories of help provided in Warsaw.

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On a map of Warsaw, from 1941 and from today, we found over forty addresses where Jews were provided with help. These places still exist to this day. We present the stories associated with these addresses, using archival and recent photographs, as well as using video of witness recollections. Among the stories are those of the rescue of Kazimierz Brandys at 52 Narbutta Street, the actions of Mieczysław Fogg on Koszykowa Street and the owner of Fotoplastikon on Jerozolimskie Avenue.

The creator of this exhibition is Karolina Dzięciołowska. It is part of the POLIN Museum's project "The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History, in conjuction with Artkolektyw.

THE RIGHT ADDRESS. Hiding Jews in occupied Warsaw


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