Meta Weber from the village of Płużnice. Help to find her

Mr. Paweł Becker from the city of Wąbrzeźno is seeking a piece of information about German woman Mata Weber who lived during the World War II in the village of Płużnica (Pfeilsdorf in German). Meta Weber fostered a Jewish girl at her house.

If you know something about Meta Weber, please contact us.

A letter sent by Mr. Paweł Becker:

"I would like to give information which I obtained from my late grandmother – Aniela Grzegorczyk (maiden name Wilk). It concerns a German woman, Meta Weber, from a village Płużnica (in German Pfeilsdorf), situated 13 km from Wąbrzeźno.

Meta Weber was born on March 6th, 1896. Her husband, Max Weber, died during the World War II. She lived on her own, big (15 ha) farm in Płużnica. In February 1945 her house was appropriated by Jan and Wiktoria Wilk – people displaced from the area of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Kielecczyzna). Also their daughter Aniela – my grandmother – moved in with them. She told me that Meta Weber fostered a girl, and it wasn’t her daughter. It was a little Jewish girl.

Meta Weber said: „I know that it is strange that I, a German woman, decided to foster a Jewish child. But is it her fault that she was born Jewish?”. Meta Weber spoke Polish.

In 1946, Meta Weber was forced by the popular authorities to move to another village, Plebanka, in the vicinity of Wąbrzeźno. After that, there are no records of Meta Weber.

I know that there is very little information. Nevertheless, I would like to pass it on as maybe there is more information in Yad Vashem’s archives or in some other institutions. I know that Meta Weber will not be honored with the title of Righteous Among the Nations – a petition can be submitted only by relatives of the Saved or Saving ones. I don’t even have much evidence, except for those pieces of information. I also realize that the Museum is concerned with the history of Poles who saved Jews, and not with Germans. Still, maybe this information can be useful to someone and can complement some other information?

There are no pictures or documents. My grandmother died last April. Only the house in which Meta and her foster-daughter lived remains.

Please, contact me if there is any information regarding the case I described."

Paweł Becker