A letter by Menachem Daum

Last Friday [15.05.09] we filmed a beautiful encounter between Polish and Jewish students in Dzialoszyce . I hope this meeting “planted a seed” in both groups. After a brief introduction in the school the students walked together to the ruins of the synagogue where we read a page from the Yizkor Book about the soup kitchen established by volunteers in the synagogue during the occupation. We then walked up the hill that was the Jewish cemetery and affixed 100 plagues of people buried there to the trees. We also sounded the shofar (ram’s horn) just as the Dzialoszyce Jews did the last time they walked up to the cemetery to pray. (...)

I returned to Dzialoszyce on Sunday to meet Mrs. Mucha who could not meet the students on Friday. She was very happy to see me. Although she can hardly walk and says she is waiting to die nonetheless she looked pretty good. Every time I visit she always tells me this will probably be our last meeting and I tell her she is always wrong and must live until 120. I told her Chaim said she was very attractive and asked to see some photos of her as a young woman. She couldn’t find anything quickly but her daughter pulled out her wedding picture which I have attached. I am also attaching some photos of the Dzialoszyce forest with some of our plaques. I was too busy on Friday to take any pictures so I took these when I returned on Sunday. I found two Dzialoszyce women walking about in the forest who had heard about the plaques and were looking at them. I would be very happy if the plaques stay up although I realize all it takes is just one kid to undo all the work of a lot of good people."